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What if you could bring your entire self to work every day?

I mean ALL of you- your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spirit.  I mean bringing it all ON- every ounce of energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and joy.  Pretty cool?  Yep.  Wishful thinking? Maybe. Maybe not.

The sad truth is that the majority of those in the corporate world are checked out.  Actually, recent Gallup surveys show that the MAJORITY of employees are checked out- disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees 2:1 in surveys from as far back as 2005- the so-called “boom” years!

What a waste.  A waste of time for the employees- spending most of their waking hours wishing they were elsewhere.   A waste of investment by the employers, who only get a fraction of the potential inherent in their employees.  And a waste of unrealized human energy in general for the planet, which could certainly be put to better use elsewhere.   A big, colossal waste of energy and time.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What’s preventing these millions of people from engaging?

It’s not money.  Try as corporations may to promise monetary rewards for full engagement, study after study has shown that beyond a certain point, money is a poor long-term motivator.  In fact, some studies have shown that beyond the level of subsistence, more money may actually have the opposite effect on our happiness.  For all of you claiming that this is not true for you- think about it- sure a nice raise or bonus may give you a temporary sense of material worth- and that feeling will be as fleeting as whatever stuff you buy with it.  Give it a week, a month, maybe longer, and the emptiness will be back- and you’ll be in search of your next quick fix.

It’s not the other long list of things corporations do to entice or motivate people…. security, benefits, processes, metrics, rallying cries to “beat the competition” blah blah blah.  Interesting maybe- on an intellectual level, and sometimes temporarily playing to our egos, in addition to making us feel “safe”- but that’s about it.  Not inspiring.  We leave the meeting, the team building session, the review- sit down at our desk, and nothing really changes.  When can I go home?

The truth is actually simple.

We’ve lost Connection.

Connection to ourselves.  Connection to each other.  Connection- and alignment- to a meaningful purpose.

Instead of being connected, many of us go about each day in a state of numbness- numb to ourselves- ignoring and not embracing who we really are and what we are capable of; numb to each other- avoiding authentic interaction and acknowledgement of our fellow humans; and numb to the world around us.  Oh we may see, listen, feel- but usually only briefly.  We’re in a hurry, you see- to get to the next shallow engagement in a dreary list of “to do’s”.   And we’re afraid as well; consciously or unconsciously afraid of the consequences of opening up deeper connections around us.

Connection is the antidote to numbness.  When we are connected, – something else happens entirely.  Connection is a most powerful source of energy and inspiration.  Feeling authentically connected with ourselves allows us to again experience that part of us which is boundless energy, creativity, and confidence.   Authentic connection with each other allows us to share that energy, multiplying it in a way which is intensely creative.   And connection to purpose- an intrinsic purpose- a purpose truly meaningful to us- aligns and propels us.

Wow.  Heavy stuff.

Not really.  Actually there’s little heavy lifting involved at all.  Just some courage and conviction to discover and stay true to who you are, with some trust and openness thrown in for good measure.

We have created Entheos Partners to enable individuals, leaders, and organizations to realize their inherent capabilities and capacities, and to create cultures which connect, align, and inspire to produce extraordinary results.

Connect with us- and re-connect with your source of inspiration.