About Blair Souder

Entheos Partners
Founder and Principal

Blair Souder is an experienced global business leader, with over 25 years of demonstrated success building energized teams and profitable businesses. Blair has established and led business teams throughout the world, and has held positions ranging from global technology and marketing leadership to Board-level executive director. He has experience with companies ranging from high growth mid-size organizations to the Fortune 100. Throughout his career, Blair has consistently demonstrated an ability to build and revitalize teams to new levels of teamwork, performance, and results.

Blair is also a dedicated father, husband and community volunteer.

Entheos Partners is the realization of Blair’s love of, and gift for, building inspired teams. Blair is working with a variety of clients and individuals to help them realize new levels of inspiration and performance.

Blair has a degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and is completing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology.